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Pet Surgery

The health and welfare of your pet are our top priorities at Kelly’s Animal Hospital. Sadly, there may be situations where performing surgery is best, and in these cases, we will be with you every step of the way. 

Pet Surgery

Most Contemporary Pet Operations Are Generally Low Risk

Elective procedures are carried out when your pet is generally regarded as healthy, significantly lowering the likelihood of complications. However, thanks to advancements in contemporary medicine and major advances in the standards of veterinary care, even urgent surgeries now involve fewer risks. In addition to improved protocols during surgery, this includes high-level monitoring equipment of vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, CO2 levels, and oxygen levels. This includes a long list of pre-surgical procedures such as exams, premedication, fluid introduction, pain control, and monitoring of vital signs. We also have skilled anesthesiologists to assist with the pain and risks of surgery. 

Pet Surgery Consult

For a range of soft tissue, oncologic, and orthopedic surgical issues in cats and dogs, we are happy to provide consultations and surgery. When specialized diagnostics and/or surgical treatments are required, we collaborate closely with the primary care veterinarian to deliver the best care possible.

When surgery is a suggested course of therapy for cancer patients, we work closely with our team to offer that care. Also, when necessary, we work with other regional veterinary professionals, such as radiologists, internists, neurologists, and surgeons. Modern technology ensures complete diagnostic and treatment options, including digital radiography, arthroscopy, and advanced anaesthetic and pain management treatments.

Pet Surgery

Our qualified personnel have all undergone rigorous training in advanced anesthetic and pain management, specialized surgical nursing, and both. They participate in all facets of your pet’s care, from the first consultation to recuperation and post-operative follow-up, and they undergo ongoing education to keep our services at the best caliber.