Pet In-House Lab

Our in-house lab at Kelly’s Animal Hospital offers crucial fecal examinations, heartworm tests, and more. Additionally, stool samples enable us to identify any internal parasites.


Pet In-House Lab

Such parasites can deplete your pet’s vitality and stamina, and in severe cases or in young animals, they may even be fatal. Heartworms are parasites that are spread by mosquitoes and can lead to serious liver, lung, and cardiac conditions. By taking preventive drugs, we can both cure and prevent these parasites.

State-of-the-Art Blood Tests

Diabetes, kidney illness, liver disease, and hormonal abnormalities that plague dogs and cats as they age can all be easily detected in your pet’s blood. The IDEXX blood analyzers enable our in-house lab to execute these tests in a matter of minutes. Additionally, we collaborate with FedEx and IDEXX Reference Veterinary Labs to get findings for more complicated testing in just 24 hours.