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Pet Oxygen Therapy Cage

Pure oxygen is used in this novel treatment, and it is delivered via a mask or nasal cannula. The oxygen aids in promoting healing and enhancing your pet’s respiratory system.


Pet Oxygen Therapy Cage

Although there are numerous techniques to deliver oxygen therapy, each one must be done with the patient’s comfort in mind. A dog who is already having trouble breathing can go into crisis if he has problems receiving oxygen. The doctor may choose one delivery method over another while keeping this in mind in order to lessen stress. At all times, there should be as little limitation as feasible.

Oxygen therapy is frequently a crucial treatment and has the power to save lives. However, certain fatalities cannot be prevented because the diseases for which medication is offered are by their very nature high risk.

To calm the patient down and enable a workup without aggravating the situation, short-term oxygen therapy is utilised. This workup may include taking radiographs or emptying fluid from the chest to allow the lungs to expand and breathing to improve.