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Pet Microchipping

At Kelly’s Animal Hospital, we recognize the priceless and precious relationship you have with your cherished pet.


Pet Microchipping

We recognize that pets are naturally roving creatures who risk becoming lost. In reality, a startling number of pets are misplaced in the shelter system every year due to a lack of identification. For this reason, we are pleased to provide microchip identification services.

Although collar ID tags are an excellent first line of defense for a missing pet, they can also physically separate from your pet. But by having their pets microchipped, a doctor or animal shelter can swiftly and accurately identify them. We firmly believe that microchips add value to the search for lost pets. 

How Is A Pet Microchip Implanted?

A syringe injects a pet microchip under the skin to implant it. Although there isn’t a single, accepted spot, a microchip is typically inserted between the shoulder blades. Its length is roughly 12 mm, comparable to a grain of rice. A pet microchip can be implanted in a matter of seconds, and it will remain in place for the duration of your pet’s life.